Our Mission

Our Mission:

We are invigorating diverse Andean communities by supporting their ancestral techniques of creating luxurious textiles. The indigenous, subsistence cultures of the various communities are respected and supported in a way that does not disrupt their traditional, self-sustaining daily lives.


The Andean villages use their own sustainably herded alpaca and Andean llama wool.  Typically it is the women in these communities who spin alpaca wool into yarn by hand, dying it naturally using locally gathered plants and bugs, then weave it by hand.  These one-of-a-kind textiles are painstakingly made using centuries old techniques, which are passed down through the generations.  Each unique, beautiful piece can take months to complete.

About Us: 

We have a background in home décor, a love for fine things, and a passion for travel.  While hiking the Urubamba Valley from Cusco to Machu Picchu, we fell in love with the local people, their indigenous culture and their exquisite textiles.  We are realizing our dream of supporting indigenous culture while introducing their beauty to a select market in the US.​